Wireless Earbuds For Android Samsung 2021

Listening to your Samsung devices has never been easier than now, with the wireless earbuds for Android Samsung, you can get along listening to your device with ease and so much flexibility. Having not to worry about a wired connection between your phone or other limitations that comes with using wired earbuds is great.

While there are many wireless earbuds out there with various capabilities and designs, there are some wireless earbuds for android Samsung, specifically designed for Samsung phones. If you’ve noticed on the Samsung’s Galaxy S20 or Samsung Note 20 smartphones the headphone jack is no where to be found on the device which signifies how this brand is serious about adopting wireless earbuds for android Samsung phones and would create custom earbuds for their products.

Here are the list of some Cheap wireless earbuds for android Samsung phones .

Wireless Earbuds For Android Samsung 2021

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    The Samsung Galaxy buds live pair is one of the most innovative wireless earbuds for Android Samsung. It bean shape design makes it fit securely and nicely on your ears, making you comfortable while listening from your Samsung phones wirelessly. Works well in delivering good sound to you, the perfect earbuds to receive phone calls, with relatively nice background noise reduction function in a noisy environment. The thing about this earbuds is it quality sound and design you may consider buying this if those are the things you look out for. Price ranges between 100-$140
    wireless Bluetooth technology
    Water resistant (at least against sweat and mild drops of water)
    light weight.

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The Galaxy buds plus is quite similar to the previous design, with a whooping 11hrs of sound playback, it’s battery life is quite impressive. The sound quality is great, as it has a fine bass, gives a more realistic feel of the sound. Each earbud pair is packed with a microphone to enhance user experience and also to boast it noice cancelation capability. Due to its better noise cancelation, it sounds better than the Samsung Galaxy pods live, but both have there advantages which should be considered when making a purchase. It price ranges between 100-$120
Wireless Bluetooth technology version 5.0
Water resistant
Relatively light weight
Advanced noise cancelation

   3. MPOW X3

The Mpow X3 is a powerful wireless earbud for Android Samsung at it relatively low price, It has good clarity and nice bass to produce good quality sound, with quite effective noise cancelation, has a good touch volume control. Having a design like any regular wireless earbud, it has soft caps which makes them more comfortable to wear for a long period of time. This wireless earbud is fully water resistant and lasts upto 7hours on normal usage, with a USB-C charging port. Has a good side tone feature that makes it easier to hear yourself during calls. The Mpow X3 is really of good value for a low price range of about 60-$70.
Wireless Bluetooth technology 4.5
Fully water resistant
Supersoft ear caps


The Google pixel bud is a big name in the high valued earbud sphere. This has integrated in it support for Google assistant as a product of Google particularly for any android phone. This earbuds falls in to the list of wireless earbuds for android Samsung for its well designed wireless charging capability and quick charge feature. This earbud is available in four different colors white black, orange and mint. Another thing about this earbud is the fact that it doesn’t stick out to far from the ear, and yes it’s also water resistant. Price ranges between 170-$200.

Wireless Bluetooth technology 5.0
Water resistant
Google assistant support.

Samsung lovers even knows that these are the best wireless earbuds for android Samsung phones in 2021.

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