Best True Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

Most athletes enjoy working out without wires, and with the growing popularity of the best true wireless earbuds for working out, there are a plethora of terrific options to accompany you on your next workout. We’ve divided our list of the finest true wireless workout earphones into a few categories to accommodate almost every style of athlete.

Whatever type of exercise you like, all workout earphones should be protected with a water-repellent coating or have an official IP certification. If you use headphones that do not have water-resistant capabilities, you risk short-circuiting them, leaving you with a very small paperweight.

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Another factor to consider is fit. It’s difficult to get this properly because you can’t just walk into a store and test on earbuds: it would be unclean. Fortunately, most earbuds come with a selection of wing and ear tips that you can try on to find the best fit. This not only keeps the earphones in place throughout various movements, but it can also improve sound quality and isolation.

If you enjoy indoor cardio and want to watch videos while working out, check for wireless choices that support high-quality Bluetooth codecs such as AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC, to name a few.

The 5 best true wireless earbuds for working out are as follows:

  1. The Jabra Elite Active 75t is an excellent choice for anyone looking for versatile, comfortable earbuds that can withstand a splash in the water.
  2. The Jaybird Vista 2 comes with active noise-cancelling earbuds and a USB-C case that are both dust and water-resistant.
  3. The Bose Sport Earbuds sound great and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  4. For anyone who owns an iPhone, the Beats Powerbeats Pro are the best workout earbuds.
  5. The Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 are budget-friendly workout earbuds with premium features.


  1. Jabra Elite Active 75t: The best option for the majority of athletes.

If you’re searching for an all-around fantastic pair of truly wireless workout earphones, the Jabra Elite Active 75t is the way to go. These IP57 earphones are resistant to both dust and water. They are, however, more than durable, and Jabra provided them with a significant firmware update that enables active noise-cancelling.

Best true wireless earbuds for working out

These are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 software, which improves battery economy and connection strength making it one of the  best true wireless earbuds for working out. For real wireless ‘buds, the battery life is excellent: you get just over seven hours of listening before having to put them back into the small container. The case allows for quick charging, which is essential for training headphones, and 15 minutes of charging provides one hour of playback.

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Furthermore, auto-connect is fast and dependable; additionally, removing the earbuds from your ears instantly ceases media playback. The lack of high-quality Bluetooth codec support is understandable, given that codecs function consistently well and are frequently on sale. They are also one of the few truly wireless headphones that support Bluetooth multipoint communication. Get the Jabra Elite Active 75t if you need to connect to two devices at the same time.

  1. Jaybird Vista 2: The most fashionable

Jaybird currently produces some of the best true wireless earbuds for working out on the market, and the Jaybird Vista 2 improves on the popular Vista training earphones. As before, these earbuds employ patented wingtips rather than a more daring ear hook design. The rigid silicone tips perform admirably and contribute to the earphones’ modest size. This allows you to wear them in the office, gym, or on the train without feeling like your earbuds are screaming, “I’m about to go for a jog!”

The newest feature introduced by Jaybird with its latest flagship: active noise-cancelling (ANC), making them an excellent choice for commuters and athletes alike. Outdoor athletes who need to be aware of their surroundings can use ambient sound mode, which amplifies background noise through the earbuds, or they can listen in mono with either ‘bud.

Jaybird increased the robustness of both its case and earbuds, with the former sporting an IP54 rating in addition to the earphones’ IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certifications.

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  1. Bose Sport Earbuds: Superior audio quality

Thanks to Bose’s StayHear Max ear tips, the Bose Sport Earbuds are by far the most comfortable  and best true wireless earbuds for working out available. The wing tips linked to the earphones keep them in place without putting too much strain on the ear. These are IPX4-rated, so they can endure almost any workout you can throw at them.

The sound quality is outstanding, and the vocals are reproduced accurately. If you’re a basshead, the frequency response may be unimpressive, but there’s a moderate bass bump that should suit most customers. Background noise, such as the hum of a microwave or A/C unit, is effectively cancelled out by the four-mic arrangement.

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The battery life, at just over five hours on a single charge, isn’t going to blow you away, but the case can fast charge the earbuds. All you have to do is put them in the case for 15 minutes and you’ll have two hours of enjoyment. Although the case charges via USB-C, it does not support Qi Wireless charging. If you like the Bose Sport Earbuds but want ANC, the equally durable Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a good option.

  1. Beats Powerbeats Pro: The best headphones for iPhone users

These are an excellent example of how true wireless earbuds should fit in and around the ear. The angled specialized nozzles provide a more comfortable fit, while the ear hooks keep a secure hold around the ear during exercise. The Powerbeats Pro, like the AirPods, employ Apple’s H1 chip for hands-free Siri access and are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. These are some really cool earbuds. The Powerbeats Pro aren’t the most durable earbuds on the market, but with an IPX4 rating, they can withstand almost any workout.

The battery life is excellent. These provide nearly 11 hours of playback, and just five minutes in the case provides 1.5 hours of listening. In addition, the case can hold an additional 1.5 charges. The Powerbeats Pro are the best true wireless earbuds for working out for iPhone users if you can afford them. The basic Beats Powerbeats are a more economical solution for listeners who enjoy the idea of the Beats Powerbeats Pro but cannot afford them. These do not use true wireless technology, but they provide nearly the same functionality as the Pro version while having a longer battery life.

  1. Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2: The most affordable option

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 are a great pair of low-cost true wireless earbuds with premium features including an IPX7 rating. These work with Bluetooth 5.0 and keep a strong, consistent connection as long as you stay within the 10-meter wireless range. The wingtips, which resemble those found on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, make it simple to obtain a comfortable fit.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2

The sound quality is adequate for the price, but it cannot compete with the Bose Sport Earbuds. Even yet, the noticeably enhanced treble notes and mildly augmented bass tones will satisfy the vast majority of us. The microphone is adequate for personal calls, however it does not perform well in terms of noise cancellation.

Although these aren’t the best, they’re extremely nice for the price, and it’s difficult to complain about $50 earphones that can tolerate a swim in the pool. Consider the 1More Piston Buds instead if you want something with a sleeker design for a comparable price.

Cheap wireless earbuds for Sports in 2021

1More True Wireless ANC:

Anyone looking for a high-quality pair of earbuds that can do it all should consider them. They are far less expensive than the AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3, and they are among the best noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds available.

Apple AirPods Pro

Owners of Apple iPhones should obtain them for the optimum user experience. The Pro model, unlike the original AirPods, is IPX4-rated. The microphone quality is among the best available, and the business provides important software upgrades to extend the life of its equipment.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2: 

These buds are a terrific option for less than $100 if you’re searching for a reliable pair of AirPods replacements with an IPX5 certification, amazing microphone quality, and solid battery life.

Jabra Elite 85t

These earphones aren’t as tough as the Jabra Elite Active 75t and only have an IPX4 rating, but they’re great for most exercises.

They also have excellent ANC, making them a multipurpose pair of earbuds that you may wear in the gym or on your next flight.

JBL Endurance Peak 2:

These workout earphones have an IPX7 rating and wrap over the back of your ear. You get a slew of comprehensive touch controls as well as full mono playback capability. Consider the Endurance Peak 2 if you don’t want to spend more than $100.

Panasonic RZ-S300W

Because of its IPX4 rating, this headset can withstand even the most strenuous workouts as long as it is not completely submerged in water. Even without the wingtips, the earphones are small and comfortable to wear. The Panasonic RZ-S500W offers essentially the same package but with superior noise-cancelling.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3200:

This headset, like the BackBeat FIT 3100, is designed specifically for exercise. It’s more pricey, but you get a longer battery life and ear tips that totally seal to your ear. The BackBeat app is feature-rich and functional, which is not true of all headphone apps.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

These are still among of our favorite headphones in the group, especially for Samsung users. You get a streamlined user experience, similar to what AirPods do for iPhones or Google Pixel Buds do for Android phones. The microphone quality is excellent, and Samsung is extremely conscientious about releasing software updates.

What distinguishes true wireless earbuds from traditional wireless headsets?

Because there are no wires, true wireless earbuds are extremely convenient. Sure, you could just get a pair of standard wireless earbuds like the Jaybird X4 or Tarah, but some athletes (including myself) are still bothered by the cable that connects the buds.

Not only that, but the carrying cases that come with all completely wireless earbuds also serve as charging cases. This means you’ll always have an extra charge or two when you’re out and about.

But aren’t true wireless earbuds prohibitively expensive?

True wireless earbuds aren’t necessarily more expensive than wired earbuds. Because technology has advanced so quickly in just a few short years, we can now enjoy low-cost, functional options like the JLab Go Air, which costs only $29. In fact, there are so many excellent options that we were able to compile a comprehensive list of true wireless earbuds under $100.

Of course, the larger your budget, the more features you can get.

These benefits include advanced audio engineering, which results in better sound quality, software features with regular, significant updates, hardware accessories, and more. Before venturing into the world of true wireless products, it is critical to first understand your specific requirements.


In the past we have written some articles that covers sports earbuds, i believe they are also similar with wireless earbuds for working as they are use for same purpose though it depends most times on the type of exercise.

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