10 Best Wireless Earbuds For Iphones Reviews 2021

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

What are the best wireless earbuds for iPhones? In this article we will review 10 best wireless earbuds for iPhones in 2021. iPhone are mobile devices that operates on the iOS chipset and not all earbuds works or are compatible with this device.

Over the time, we have written an article  that did analyzed the 10 best wireless earbuds for androids in 2021  but this type of earbuds only works for android devices.

So, we have organize a list to show the best iPhone Bluetooth wireless earbuds you can use for all your iPhone phones .

10 Best Wireless Earbuds For iPhones

1. Rinsmola Wireless Earbuds

Rinsmola Wireless Earbuds

With a Bluetooth 5.0 feature, Mini Bluetooth Earbuds with HD Mic, Wireless Earphones in Ear with USB C Charging Case, IP7 Waterproof, Deep Bass, the Rinsmola earbud is one of the best earbuds that can be use for iphone.

It has an automatic pairing technology which works perfectly well once the earbuds has been connected to your device for the first time,and a 30 hours battery play time with type c Quick charging technology.

It also has a led light that beautifies the device and a super stereo bass speakers and a fitted design that sits firm on the ear, so far this earbud can be said to be among the top earbuds for sports too because of its firmity.

2. Donerton Wireless Earbuds

10 Best Wireless Earbuds For Iphones

Now this Donerton Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds for iPhones has longer battery play time than others, at least they can last up to 80 hours with their charged case and at least 5 hours when in use and that’s amazing since everyone is looking for long lasting earbuds these days.

It is water proof with the help of the IPx8 feature and the sensor touch is superb.

3. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro charging case

The Apple AirPods Pro with wireless charging case is a powerful airpod for Ios device with a strong noise cancelling feature that delivers upto 24 hours battery lifetime. With sensor in the body you get a quick access to sire just buy calling ”Hey Siri”.

It also has a sharp design that fits into the ear and holds firm.

4. Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Apple H1

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The Apple beats powerbeats pro was released in 2019 but still have a strong feature like a new earbuds series.

It has the Bluetooth 5.0 feature that has high connectivity and the IpX4 tech for sweat resistance.

The powerbeats pro earbuds when connected to iPhone XS Mas can last up to 10 hours battery life with it’s H1 chip unlike many other true wireless earbuds.

If you are going to stay long at the gym and you need a company, i suggest you bring your powerbeats pro along because it seems it was meant for that.

Apple Powerbeats pro can be used to answer phone calls in long distance rang and that’s just beautiful.

5. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM3 review

This true wireless earbud has a great sound quality and an effective alexa voice control for calls without touching the earbuds.

The sister earbud sony wf-1000Xm4 is also great as this as they both has a great active noise cancelling earbud but they con is that it doesn’t support the sweat resistance hence they can be used during workouts or under rains to avoid malfunctioning.

The users should also know that it works directly with the app, the app makes it easier for volume control or any other adjustment.

How To Connect Sony WF-1000XM3 To iPhone

Connecting sony wf-1000xm3 and Xm4 is very simple, since the use the bluetooth 5.0 technology, they pair automatically to the the device if they have been connected before.

If it’s your first time connecting them, then you have to search the name from your ” add new device ” in your Bluetooth section and then pair them.

Note: You can’t connect them to different device at a time.

6. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 True Wireless Earbud

Wireless Earbuds For Iphones Reviews

Anker reduces noise by 60% just like others, it also has a long lasting battery that stays upto 7 hours and can take you to 28 hours if you are with the charging case.

This earbuds fits well for office users and athletes since it has a strong sweat and water resistance.

The Anker soundcore liberty 2 air true wireless has an app that can be downloaded to gain full operation of the earbud.

If you want to connect the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 air earbud to your device, all you have to do is open your app, then open the case of the earbud without removing them, the two earbuds will pair to themselves automatically.

From the app you can control and do adjustments on the earbuds and they are also handy when it comes to calls.

Now the cons of the Anker soundcore liberty is that you can miss the touch sensor and another command is executed, secondly this earbuds does not support auto pause unlike other true wireless earbuds and headphones.

7. Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Earbuds

apple wireless earbuds amazon

This device works perfectly well with the iOS apple phones and uses the Bluetooth connectivity technology.

To activate siri using this device, all you have to do is to double tap any of the pairs.

They connect automatically once they have been placed on the ear, and a 15 minutes charge of this device gives you about 3 hours play time.

8. Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds : True Wireless Earbuds 

The Jarba Elite 65t is among the best wireless earbuds for iphones of 2019 though they are so many others which we will be adding in the list too.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

The The Jabra Elite Active 65t  has the battery capacity of 5 hours which is so much good for earbuds of that era.

Now, the cons of the Jabra Elite Active 65t  is that is kind of large and not everyone will be fine with it as many people prefer earbuds that are of smaller size and shape.

Another disadvantage of the Jabra Elite Active 65t earbud is that it doesn’t have an active noise cancelling feature like the  earbuds of 2020.

9. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 True wireless earbuds can are super earbuds for  your iPhone .

The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 has a battery life that can last up to 45 hours with the support of their case, has a high water and sweat resistant too.

It is also handy and compatible  with the apple siri, so if you looking for earbuds that works with siri, you should have the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1.

Once they are connected with your iphone, you won’t have any complaint to make and their connectivity is quite simple.

You can get the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 from Amazon.

10. EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds : Active Noise Cancelling

The Earfun  has 7 hours battery life of 7 hours and 18 hours + from the charged case.

It has a very effective noise cancelling feature and this is among the best earbuds for phone calls if you are using iphone.

You can pause or play music on the earbud with a double tap, three tap skips the song to the next one, if you want to have access to Siri, double tap on the left earpiece, same for answering and ending calls.

You must have gotten the best wireless earbuds for your iPhones in 2021 though we have some iPhone earbuds of 2019 included that has high specifications.

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