Ugreen Hitune Wireless Earbuds Review

The ugreen hitune wireless earbuds are strong wireless earbuds by the Ugreen company with microphone and an active noise cancelling feature and  a responsive touch control.

Today we  will be looking at ugreen hitune wireless earbud review, specifications, pros and cons, the control feature, ugreen hitune bass, the earbuds instructions.

Ugreen Hitune Wireless Earbuds Review And Instructions

The Ugreen Hitune Wireless Earbuds has a 5.0 Bluetooth technology to ensure steady wireless connection and a super bass that enables a fine sound and fits any type of music you playing.

Ugreen Earbud has a built in active noise cancelling technology and a MEMs microphone that enables the reduction of noise in your environment and enhances your voice during call, so it can also be said that the Ugreen Hitune earbuds is among the best earbuds for making phone calls.

Ugreen Bluetooth earbuds offers 9 hours battery life during playtime and 18 Hours using the charged case.

UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds Pairing And Connectivity

To connect your new Ugreen hitune earbuds,

  1. first, you have to remove the protective nylon on the earbuds,
  2.  Take our the right earbud first, it will make a sound and connects automatically with your android, iOS, mac and windows device.
  3. Then bring our the left bud from the case too, it will enter the twin mode and connects automatically with the right earbud. this works same way when you take out the left earbud out first.

Ugreen Hitune Earbuds Volume Control.

The Ugreen earbud has a touch control on each of the buds that enables you to control the volume, whether you wish to raise the volume or lower the volume.

The touch control on the body of the ugreen earbuds can also be used for controlling different action like, play control, pause and taking calls.

Ugreen Bluetooth Earphone 5.0 Tws Review

The Ugreen Bluetooth Earphone works same way as the wireless earbuds, it has a portable touch control that enables different function, to change the music, you have to press steadily on the touch control for 2 seconds.

You can also double tap on the buds to pause or play music or answer and end a call.

The Ugreen Earphone can be charged for 3 hours which gives you 18 hours battery lifetime.

The Ugreen Bluetooth connection  works automatically unlike other earbuds, with the Ugreen earbuds , it connects once taken out from the case.


In Conclusion, the Ugreen Hitune Wireless earbud is a multipurpose earbuds since it works perfectly well for phone calls and also has a super bass for good music. what else is needed in a good wireless earbud if not to make calls and listen to music.?

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